Your brand deserves spotlight

Your customers have a unique experience with your brand every day. That creates a deep connection.


Loyalty pure! 

Make it easy for your customers to be loyal to you! Be loyal as a brand! Say thank you every day! Give your company a positive image. With our solution you can present your surprises & your gratitude every day and your values will be visible and tangible for everyone.


Daily, transparent and fun!

Your brand deserves customer loyalty at the highest level in the digital age.


Full Service

Landing page

Exceptional brands deserve unique landing pages. Your brand - your landing page. We are ready for you. 


Your unique landing page

We create a landing page for your brand that fits! Easy & uncomplicated your customers order their card. Animations and a well thought-out UX ensure that your landing page will be liked.



Smart, easy to use & fun for your customers. You choose which modules you want in your dashboard. Above all, we're happy if your brand has its own ideas!



40 modules are available to your brand. With Cashback, Coupons, Crypto Wallet, Shops, Employee Rewards, Specials, your dashboard is already a unique loyalty tool!


Card Design

For your brand, we create master or visa cards that carry your label. Many things are possible!

Card Design

We show you that your brand can appear in various forms on the payment card. Colors, logos, backgrounds and materials are almost limitless. 

Your online shopping center

We have a shopping center with over 200 stores such as: Lacoste, Joop, Weber Grill, Media Markt, Logitech, Douglas, NordVPN. 

Your customers get up to 50% cashback & great specials

Online shopping center

Your brand, your shopping center

Colors, design and wording we adapt to your wishes. This could be your shopping center with your logo! 


It's only fun when EVERYONE wins. Innovation for your brand, your customers. We love to put your brand in the right light. Brand-up, stand-out!


We ignite passion for your brand - through tools and services that inspire and engage!



A team that uses values such as respect, passion and responsibility to make the impossible possible.

Code of conduct

So that we realize, rethink and further develop our demanding values every day.

People at view

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